Apartments Near South Austin

With all the apartment choices available in Austin, you need to be prepared when to find the right apartment community to fit your unique lifestyle. Finding the right place is a lot easier if you do a little research. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and increase your chances of finding the ideal spot when evaluating the variety of choices of apartments in Austin. Keep reading to see some of our tips for finding the right home for you, and if you're interested in the South Austin area, give Farmhouse a call today to schedule your tour!

Set Your Budget

Make sure you calculate how much each month you can realistically spend on rent. The U.S. Census Bureau recommends that a monthly lease payment should not exceed 30 percent of your monthly income. You also need to set aside funds for utilities, food and entertainment as well as transportation expenses, such as gas and insurance. Along with student loans, credit cards and other monthly payments, remember to budget for emergencies like car repairs. Figure out your monthly budget, then look for...

Farmhouse Design Apartments

Storage space is an element most people require when looking for a new place to live. At Farmhouse Apartments in Austin, our layouts maximize the space to offer plenty of storage options for those living in our apartments near Southpark Meadows.

To further maximize the amount of storage space, we have some tricks you can try. See 4 ways to maximize the storage space in your apartment in Southpark Meadows, and contact Farmhouse today to schedule a tour!

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

In an apartment, furniture that serves more than one purpose can be huge space saver. Consider getting an ottoman that can also serve as a coffee table, a storage space, and a place to prop up your feet while you relax. It will keep some items out of sight, while also giving you a beautiful focus piece. You can also find other multi-purpose furniture like a platform bed that allows for boxes to slide underneath.

Use your vertical space

It can be easy to forget all the space that’s available above your head. When it comes to maximizing...

Southpark Meadows Apartments

There are always fun activities happening in the South Austin area. We have compiled a list of a few events occurring in the next month close to our apartments near Southpark Meadows.

Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic, July 4, 11 AM to Fireworks

The 44th Annual Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic is at the Circuit of the Americas racetrack in Austin. Willie Nelson will headline the star-studded lineup. Performers will be onstage at the Austin360 Amphitheater inside the racetrack. There will be a fireworks display in the evening. The racetrack is located at 9201 Circuit of the Americas Boulevard, Austin. Gates open at 11 AM and music starts at 12 PM.

Fourth of July Fireworks and Symphony, July 4, 4 PM to 10 PM

The downtown Austin 4th of July fireworks is a fun event for all ages. There’s lots to do during the day, such as food trucks and craft vendors, while you wait for the big event. The Symphony concert begins at 8 PM and the fireworks over Lady Bird Lake begin at 9:30 PM. It is located in downtown Austin at Vic Mathias...

Southpark Meadows Apartments

As summer begins and days become longer, patio dining becomes more popular. For the evenings with more mild weather, restaurant patios can be a wonderful way to spend dinner with friends or family. Because residents living in or around our South Austin apartments are in such close proximity to I-35, there is a variety of great restaurants with outdoor patios in the area. See some of our favorite restaurant patios near our apartments, and stop by Farmhouse today for a tour!

Moonshine Grill

If you like southern comfort food, Moonshine Grill serves great food in the historic Waterloo Compound, and features an outdoor patio converted into a dining area. The patio is beautiful and lush with greenery, and has fans to keep you cool on hot summer evenings. Moonshine Grill is known for its cornflake fried chicken, molasses-grilled pork chops, "corn dog" shrimp and their variety of cocktails.

Polvo's Mexican Restaurant

There's plenty of great Mexican food in South Austin, but one standout that...

Farmhouse Design Apartments

Looking for a luxury apartment in a convenient location? Farmhouse is located only fifteen minutes south of Austin making it convenient for people working in downtown Austin or San Marcos alike. Aside from our contemporary farmstyle design, our apartments have amenities to fit your busy lifestyle. Read on to learn why you should choose an apartment with luxury amenities, and learn about the amenities we offer at Farmhouse Apartments!

Business Center

The business center was designed for residents that prefer to work from home. It has two conference rooms and mounted TVs that are ideal for presentations. The center also has computers and printers that make it a perfect work-from-home office. The best part is our 24-hour package retrieval center - you never have to worry about missing a package again!

Skyclub with Rooftop Deck

If you’re more interested in a social setting, check out our skyclub entertainment space with an attached rooftop deck. This area is equipped with TV’s and outdoor lighting to create the perfect...

luxury south 1-35 Austin Apartments

If you're a fan of the outdoors, jogging is one of the best ways to get fit while seeing the natural beauty of Austin. It's no wonder that Austin has frequently been ranked among the fittest cities in the nation. Residents of our modern Farmhouse apartment community have several convenient parks and green spaces to choose from, all within a short drive. Here are four great jogging trails to check out near our brand new apartments in South Austin:

Dog Friendly Modern Apartments

Dog-friendly modern apartments can be difficult to find. Some apartment complexes don’t allow dogs because of their size, their ability to add wear and tear to an apartment’s interior, or because they don’t have space for dogs to run around. Luckily, at our apartments near Southpark Meadows, we have many options to accommodate dogs both small and large. At Farmhouse, we understand that pets are a part of the family. We want you to feel comfortable in your new home, so we made sure our apartments are friendly for dogs through our apartment design, outdoor amenities, and more. Keep reading to learn why we’re some of the most dog-friendly apartments around!

Onion Creek Luxury Apartments

Visiting a brewery near our Onion Creek parkway apartments can be a fun, entertaining experience. Whether you are visiting or living in our modern Onion Creek apartments, there are many unique places to take your friends or family to try a new brew! Keep reading to learn more about our 4 must-try breweries.

Farmhouse Design Apartments

There's nothing like moving into a fresh, new space. It's so nice to have the ability to decorate your apartment to reflect your personal style. Once you know where you're moving, it's important to study the floor plan and decide how you want to arrange your new furniture. Once you get a feel for the space and the look you're going for, it's important to remember these four tips and tricks when it's time to decorate your modern Onion Creek apartment.

Buda Apartments

The city of Buda is perfect for those wanting to escape the rat race of larger cities. Here, you can enjoy a slower pace, but also be close to the amenities and entertainment big cities have to offer. Located in the middle of the "Wine Country of Texas," Buda residents are surrounded by breathtaking vineyards and other picturesque sites while only 15-20-minutes away from Austin and San Marcos. Being in Buda, you are in the center of all the fun. Here are five things we recommend exploring once you’ve moved to our apartments near Buda!


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