4 Decorating Tips to Make Your Apartment Look Larger

While living in an Austin apartment, it is common to want your space to appear larger. Although the modern apartments located at Farmhouse in South Austin are spacious already, there are creative ways to make them appear more expansive. We collected four decorating tips from the leading designers to help you accomplish just that.

Light Colors

Dark colors are ideal when you want to create a soothing and somber ambiance. However, you also create an atmosphere that is cavernous that bring out the feeling of claustrophobia. When attempting to make your space look more spacious, consider light accents. Using light neutral colors, like a light plush blanket, or an airy wall hanging, will create an expansive environment that feels larger. A neutral palette is always wonderful for styling and decorating.

Clear Furnishings

When considering ways to make your apartment look larger, one way instantly comes to mind - clear furnishings. For example, a clear coffee table offers functionality without much visual weight. Just the right Lucite furnishings will be hardly noticed in your roomy living space.

Unblock Windows

When attempting to make your indoor space look more expansive than it already is, be sure that the windows are not blocked. In addition to allowing in natural light that will brighten your space, windows tend to draw the eye to an upward position. To make your room look best with unblocked windows, be sure the furnishings are organized to emphasize the windows.

Low-Profile Furnishings

One of the simplest ways to make your apartment appear larger is by using low-profile furnishings. But, stay away from furnishings that sit directly on the ground. Rather, consider low-profile furniture pieces that have legs that are both long and narrow. Your apartments indoor space will appear much larger by using contoured, slim legs in your low-profile furniture.

There is no need for an apartment to look small no matter what size. By using these creative decorating tips for your Farmhouse apartment, you can expect it to appear much larger than it already is.

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