4 Top-Rated Restaurants To Try

One the best locations in Texas to live in is Austin. Any day of the week you are sure to find plenty of things to do, such as live entertainment, many types of events, shopping, and of course dining. In addition to being known as a town of music, Austin is also well-known for its food. Whether if you are in the mood for sushi or brisket, there is a restaurant right for your taste buds. While there is an almost endless list of eateries to explore, we listed the four top-rated restaurants you must try near our Southwest Austin apartments.

Franklin Barbeque

Most Austin residents will agree that a trip to a Texas barbeque venue is a must for locals and tourists alike. Only a short drive from the city, you can find many places to visit. Located on 11th Street just a short block from downtown you can find Franklin Barbeque. With a reputation that extends well past Texas, they are famous for their mouthwatering bites of brisket and is proven by the line that begins to form at sunrise. While there is no way to escape this line, you are generously rewarded for your patience by receiving a sample bite from one of their meat cutters.

Soto South Lamar

Located in the Lamar Union, Soto South Lamar is an urban Japanese restaurant where you order off the menu, opt for a multi-course omakase. Their menu includes tasty dishes such as maki, noodles, nigiri, as well as creations from their chef. Also, they serve sake, beer, wine, craft cocktails, and Japanese whiskey. Although Soto South Lamar serves delicious nigiri and rolls, dear yourself to indulge with their upscale Japanese bites such as foie gras gyoza and truffle uni. To ensure a seat, we recommended booking ahead.


TacoDeli has a diverse menu of tacos with lunch being the best time to dine but features a fantastic morning menu as well. Located on North Lamar Blvd., expect crisp textures and fresh flavors in every taco. Be sure to order their specialty, the Cowboy Taco, featuring juicy tenderloin, caramelized onions, grilled corn, roasted peppers, and guac.

Native Hostel and Bar & Kitchen

Great for both day and night, Native Hostel and Bar & Grill is a classic lounge featuring American fare served up by chef Virginia Pharr. Located in East Austin they have live music, cocktails, grilled pimento cheese, burgers, fried chicken, and deviled eggs. Beers start as low as $3 and burgers at $7 during happy hour.

From early morning until late night, there is a top-rated restaurant waiting to seat you for an unforgettable meal.

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