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4 Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Our Apartments Near Southpark Meadows

Storage space is an element most people require when looking for a new place to live. At Farmhouse Apartments in Austin, our layouts maximize the space to offer plenty of storage options for those living in our apartments near Southpark Meadows.

To further maximize the amount of storage space, we have some tricks you can try. See 4 ways to maximize the storage space in your apartment in Southpark Meadows, and contact Farmhouse today to schedule a tour!

Invest in Multipurpose Furniture

In an apartment, furniture that serves more than one purpose can be huge space saver. Consider getting an ottoman that can also serve as a coffee table, a storage space, and a place to prop up your feet while you relax. It will keep some items out of sight, while also giving you a beautiful focus piece. You can also find other multi-purpose furniture like a platform bed that allows for boxes to slide underneath.

Use your vertical space

It can be easy to forget all the space that’s available above your head. When it comes to maximizing the square footage, you need to look up! Hang shelves to display items. Find a bookshelf that reaches to the ceiling. Invest in a peg board to hang pots and pans. Not only will this give you more options for storage, but having items that use the entire vertical space can make a room seem bigger.

Turn your everyday items into art

Sometimes you won't be able to tuck everything away, but that doesn't mean your apartment has to be cluttered. Find creative ways to display items you use often so that they double as function and art. Grab some hooks to mount your daily commute bicycle on the wall. Hang your pots and pans from a rack above the stove. Hang your jewelry on a peg board or magnetic board in the bathroom. This can be a fun and easy way to store something that doesn't have a home in your closet.

Identify unused space

There are many places in an apartment that can be wasted if not utilized properly. Get creative and think about places that could be used for storage that aren't currently being utilized. Could you put some shelves above the toilet? Wrap a skirt around your side table to hide some clutter? Or find a storage container that easily slides under the bed? There are places in your apartment right now that are just empty space, try to utilize them!

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