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5 Unique Apartment Decor Ideas for Our Apartments near Kyle

If you live in our apartments near Kyle, you’re already set up with granite countertops, plank flooring and a sleek color palate, but there are still many ways to incorporate your own personality into the luxury of our apartments. Read on to see 5 of our favorite decor tips!

Bring The Outdoors In

Indoor plants clean the air and enliven your environment. If you don’t have the room or optimal lighting for a houseplant, consider buying artificial plants or starting a succulent collection. These plants are easy to care for and thrive on windowsills, counters and bathrooms. A small display brings a hint of quirkiness and color to your space.

Create Rotating Art Gallery Walls

Choosing your favorite wall art can be challenging. Create a display that can be switched out with the seasons. Try hanging empty frames on the walls, and use temporary wall adhesive to stick a photo or poster inside each frame. Whenever you feel the need for a change, you can easily swap the images.

Adopt Open Storage

Dual-sided shelving units make it easy to create structure and storage space in an apartment. Use a bookshelf that can be accessed from the front or back to display knick-knacks or books, and pick up some decorative containers to conceal clutter. In the kitchen, a chrome storage rack incorporates retro appeal. Use it to support your microwave or contain your dinnerware. You can even add hooks to hang your pots, pans and other utensils.

Add Mirrors

Mirrored home décor can blend into any type of apartment design while helping spread light throughout your space. Try expanding small spaces by adding large, framed mirrors. Or, choose one statement piece, such as a bureau, with mirrored drawer fronts.

Make Practical Displays

You can build a focal point and organize small items by displaying them instead of hiding them away. Cutting boards and trivets can be used as wall décor. Jewelry can be hung on distinctive knobs attached to a wall. Even some craft items, like spools of thread or crayons, look beautiful when they’re arranged by color on a floating shelf.

Come Check Out Our Apartments near Kyle Today!

If you love the idea of incorporating these apartment décor ideas into your own apartment, come tour Farmhouse. Your creative juices will start flowing, and you might even feel like you never want to leave.

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