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How to Make Our Onion Creek Apartments Look Bigger: 5 Interior Design Tips

Farmhouse apartments offer many attractive amenities to residents, from our yoga rooms to our dog park. Within your apartment unit, you'll enjoy thoughtful touches of modern farmhouse design, including enticing paint colors and contemporary fixtures. However, even with the clean lines of our spacious apartments, your living space may feel cluttered, especially if you have lots of furniture. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can try to make your unit feel even more spacious.

Hide or Toss Clutter

If the surfaces in your apartment are covered in unread books and old mail, your living space will feel cluttered and cramped. When space is at a premium, you need to be merciless with junk that threatens to overcrowd your space. Finding creative ways to deal with essential clutter, such as bills, can help reclaim more space and keep your apartment clean. Investing in a filing system, for example, offers a great way to organize important documents without leaving them out for your guests to see.

Use Vertical Storage

Making the most of the walls in your apartment can give you more space for storage. The kitchen is a great room to start in; adding some small shelves for spices or installing hooks for pots eliminates the need to leave these items out on the counter. Buying tall shelves with several levels can also give you valuable storage space.

Let the Light In

Allowing natural light to stream into your apartment gives it an airy and open look. Opt for window coverings made of lightweight fabrics and colors in order to avoid darkening the apartment. During the day, keep your curtains and blinds open. Adding more artificial light can also help; a stylish floor lamp will add more light without taking up excessive space.

Add Mirrors

Installing mirrors in your apartment is a clever way to trick the eye into thinking the unit is bigger than it is in reality. Mirrors are also great decorations that suit modern apartments. As light reflects on the mirrors, your apartment will look bigger and more open. You don't need to go overboard with mirrors; just adding one or two medium-sized mirrors can make a big difference. If you're feeling extra creative, try creating an arrangement of mirrors in a main hallway with a variety of different sizes.

Be Wise with Furniture

A few tricks with your furniture can help make your space seem bigger. First, try to cut down on the number of pieces you use. Even if you choose small furniture, having too many pieces will overcrowd your room; one large sofa will feel more compact than three living room chairs. Placing furniture so that it's easy to maneuver around will give your living space a natural flow. Finally, avoid the urge to push furniture pieces up against the wall. A small buffer of space between the wall and a couch gives the appearance of more space.

Making the most of your space is a challenge for any apartment resident. Luckily, Farmhouse offers several spacious floor plans that come standard with 9 foot ceilings and large windows. By making little changes such as eliminating clutter, adding mirrors and placing furniture creatively, you can make your luxury apartment feel even bigger.

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