Hunting for Dog-Friendly Apartments near Slaughter Lane? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Dog-friendly modern apartments can be difficult to find. Some apartment complexes don’t allow dogs because of their size, their ability to add wear and tear to an apartment’s interior, or because they don’t have space for dogs to run around. Luckily, at our apartments near Southpark Meadows, we have many options to accommodate dogs both small and large. At Farmhouse, we understand that pets are a part of the family. We want you to feel comfortable in your new home, so we made sure our apartments are friendly for dogs through our apartment design, outdoor amenities, and more. Keep reading to learn why we’re some of the most dog-friendly apartments around!

Apartment Design

Our apartment layouts are spacious, creating plenty of space for your dog to spread out and get comfortable. Many units feature big windows with ample natural light, so your furry companion can keep an eye on things when they’re inside. The hallways within the building are also spacious to accommodate the both of you when you head outside for a long walk, a romp in the dog park, or for a longer hike at any of the trails near our luxury apartments

Outdoor Amenities

The grounds around our dog friendly modern apartments include manicured grass and lush areas for your dog to walk on. There’s also plenty of dog waste stations around our grounds that make cleaning up easy. We also have a large dog park, complete with rocks and small climbing structures for your dog to get plenty of exercise. It’s spacious and securely fenced in, giving your dog a safe space to run around.

Hikes Nearby

If you’re in the mood for a longer hike, there are many paths and trails close to our apartment complex that are ideal for leashing up your dog and taking him for a nature walk. A few trails even have swimming holes if your dog likes to swim!

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in the Area

Our city is so dog-friendly, you can take them almost anywhere with you. Luckily, our apartments are nearby many restaurants with patios and outdoor seating that would love to accommodate you and your dog. You never know when they might have a bone for your dog as well!

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