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The Top Health Benefits of Living in Apartments with a Fitness Center & Pool

Apartment living offers plenty of perks: Renting is often cheaper than mortgage payments, leasing companies provide upkeep and maintenance, and you become a member of a community, which has both safety and social benefits. Leasing an apartment also gives you the flexibility to relocate without having to sell a house first.

If you choose luxury apartments with a fitness center and pool, you can even add some important health benefits to the above list. Keep reading to learn more!

You won’t break the bank

According to Statista, some 57.25 million Americans belonged to a health/fitness center in 2016, spending close to $25.8 billion for the privilege. The average membership costs $58 per month—$39 of which goes to waste because folks aren’t fully using the facilities. And those figures don't include what you’d spend on gas to get to the gym, or what you might pay for parking.

The high costs are why many people simply don’t belong to a gym, despite the fact that they know exercise is a health must.

Clearly, leasing from modern apartments with a pool or free access to a fitness center will not only save you a bundle if you’ve been paying for a gym membership, but make healthy exercise options financially feasible if you've been unable to afford them.

Your fitness options are conveniently located and the hours are flexible.

Inconvenience is one of the most cited reasons for failure to keep up with or use a health club membership. When your fitness options are located where you live, inconvenience isn’t a problem ... or an excuse. Luxury apartments with a fitness center often keep their facilities open to residents when other gyms might not be; most are open twenty-four hours a day. You’re less likely to skip your workout when it's easy to incorporate it into your routine.

You can avoid the crowds ... or find them.

Many people feel self-conscious when exercising in public, or simply don’t have the time/inclination to wait to use their favorite machine. The beauty of modern apartments with a pool and/or fitness center lies in the fact that you can schedule your workout during the facility’s quiet time. If the pool is too crowded right after work, for example, you can simply wait until later to swim, or do your laps early in the morning.

If, on the other hand, you prefer company, your apartment fitness center or pool provides a great place to connect with potential workout partners. Partners often provide the accountability you need to show up and do the work.

You'll save time.

Your time is valuable, and fitting regular exercise into your routine can be a challenge when your schedule is already full. Modern apartments with pools/fitness centers make it that much easier to fit your workout into your busy day. Let's face it, you're much more likely to make use of the fitness center if you don't have rush to get there, and if it's conveniently located a short walk from your door.

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There are many factors to consider when deciding where you want to live. If health benefits are among those factors in your book, you may want to consider the convenience that luxury apartments with a fitness center and pool can offer. Stop by Farmhouse today and we will be happy to show you our amazing fitness amenities!

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