Wake Up & Smell the Coffee! 3 Places to Get Your Morning Brew by Our Southpark Meadows Apartments

When you move into a new place, one of the first things you do is discover new habits to enjoy. Where will you go to watch the new movie everybody is talking about? Where will you watch the big game tonight? Where will you do most of your grocery shopping? What's the best route to work? Perhaps more importantly, what's the best route to work that will take you by a great coffee place? Or perhaps you work from home and want to move your virtual office to a coffee shop; where will you go? Here are our list of favorite coffee joints near our Southpark Meadows apartments:

Opera Cafe & Coffeehouse

Situated just half a mile north of our apartments, Opera Cafe and Coffeehouse might be the best of both worlds, attracting those wanting to stop by for some good coffee on the way to work and those who want to stay a while. This cute and quaint place also has a wide selection of tasty treats to have with your coffee. It deservedly receives almost entirely positive reviews given by highly satisfied customers impressed by the coffee, snacks and attentive staff.


A list of coffee places wouldn't be complete without including this Seattle-based coffee chain. The location nearest our Southpark Meadows apartments is in the northeast corner of Southpark Meadows, a shopping center located 2 miles to the north. Starbucks prides itself on being the "third place" for people behind home and work, and, for many, it has succeeded by creating a homey feeling, an especially impressive accomplishment considering that there are tens of thousands of Starbucks around the world. This particular location is especially busy and has no drive-thru, but the friendly baristas tend to do a great job getting people through the line.

Teapioca Lounge

This is a fun, hopping place situated just half a mile south of Starbucks off of the same road. However, do note that the wait for a drink can sometimes be long, and it's not really the type of place to settle down in for long periods of time. However, those cons are not enough to dissuade many from making a trip here thanks to all the delicious drinks that Teapioca Lounge offers. Its frappioca drinks, which are frozen coffee beverages with tapioca add-ons, are especially popular. Other coffee options that many enjoy include house coffee, mocha coffee and ice cream coffee.

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